How to Style an Off-Shoulder Like You Mean It

How to Style an Off-Shoulder Like You Mean It

Since the off-the-shoulder top is a very recognizable bohemian piece, fashioning it to get the laid-back 70’s style is the thing to pulling off the look.



Different from what you have always been advised about balancing the symmetries of a look like a fitted top with a fuller pant and or fuller top should be paired with a skinny pant; off-the-shoulder tops really work well when paired with a fuller pant that has a bit of drape or at least gives the illusion of having a drape. The thing is to pair a fuller pant with an off-the-shoulder top that provides you with a little of waist outline.




You can pump up your off shoulder top with accessories; like the open neckline, and broad area of skin will support just about any from a simple, delicate pendant and chain to a choker. You can also wear dangling earrings to complement your wide shoulders. Especially with your hair down, dangling earrings will be sexily scraping your shoulders, accessorizing any more than that will disarray the beautiful and clean lines of your look.




If you, undoubtedly, cannot see yourself wearing an off-the-shoulder top or uncomfortable in wearing these tops, you may still join the trend. You may wear a cutaway, asymmetrical blouse, cold shoulder, or cover a tank top beneath an oversized shawl-style top. The outcome is the same, and you can go about your day without having to worry of a major malfunction.