How To Secretly Get Her Perfect Ring Size

How To Secretly Get Her Perfect Ring Size

Most guys (if not all) are getting rings for their partners either as a gift or proposal and of course its part of a big surprise.

But the question is, how do you get her perfect ring size without her having even a single idea of your surprise?

Hmmm… Here are 3 of the most common yet very effective ways to do it.


 Silver Couple Ring
Seek her friends help
This is very easy to do. Just ask her closest friends whom you think would have the best idea of her ring size. Even exciting and fun, ask her friend to take her for a shopping and let them try on some rings. This is also a great way for you to have the idea of her ideal ring.

Be a thief for a day
This is a little risky technique. So, make sure that you get the ring that she exactly wears on her ring finger and one that she wouldn’t get paranoid when noticed missing. Although risky, with this technique, you are sure that you get the perfect ring size for her. And make sure to return it right away.

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Trace it!
If you think you can’t dare to do the second technique – do this then. Instead of taking her ring for a day, get a pen and paper and trace her ring on it. Make sure you trace it well and exactly so everything is fine and you get the perfect ring size.

So, there you go! Our 3 simple ( little naughty) techniques in getting her perfect ring size secretly. We are sure if you do one of these techniques or all of these, she will be wearing the perfect ring of her dream.