How Should You be Applying the Cheek Tint?

How Should You be Applying the Cheek Tint?

Applying makeup can sometimes be intimidating. Blush is one of those makeup products we find most women steer away from since they aren’t sure on how to use it.

Putting on a little blush can give so much vibrancy and life to your face if applied precisely. There are three kinds of blushes you can use the traditional powder blush, the cream blush, and the cheek tint.


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The cheek tint, on the other hand, is a two-in-one product; it is a cheek tint and a lip tint at the same time. Who doesn’t want to save money by getting two makeup products at one price? However, others find it difficult to apply since it is more pigmented than the cream and powder blush. While that can be a case, using the cheek tint actually gives you a more natural looking blush; making you look naturally pinkish and glowy.


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Follow our five simple tips in using the cheek tint to get that natural pinkish glow today!


Step 1

Find the apple of your cheek. The Apple starts about an inch below the center of your pupil.

Step 2

Put a small drop of cheek tint to the apple of your cheek.

Step 3

Using your middle finger, lightly blend the cheek tint from your cheekbone toward the temples.

Step 4

If you want, continue to put more cheek tint to enhance your look.

Step 5

Using your finger, smudge a little amount of tint on your lips for a perfect pout.