How Much Time Can You Save with Eyebrow Stamp?

How Much Time Can You Save with Eyebrow Stamp?

If there is one thing that most women are most concerned about on their face today that would surely be their eyebrow! A woman without a perfectly shaped eyebrow is just a disaster. However, it takes the time to get into that perfection level especially if you have no enough time to spend with your brow when you’re running late for work, school or event.

Well, thank God for the genius minds! We don’t need to spend that much time anymore. Just stamp it, and you’re ready to go. Guess what; it will not take 15 minutes, not even 5 minutes. Just 2 minutes and they’re perfect! Try the eyebrow make-up trend today!

Yes, you heard it right, an eyebrow stamp. Perfect for busy women and will last long too.


3 in 1 Lubi Eyebrow Stamp


What is an eyebrow stamp?

It is a stamp made out of a sponge that shapes an eyebrow. You have an eyebrow powder where you put the stamp first before stamping it on your eyebrow. The powder is very compact, and you also have different choices of various eyebrow shapes.

Unlike using pencils and another eyebrow tools, the stamp is way easier to use. No need to keep your friends or boyfriend waiting for a long time.

For those who are not ‘expert’ in doing their brows and for those who do not have all the time, the eyebrow stamp is perfect for you. Fill in your brows in just less than 5 minutes and reapply it anytime of the day.

Get the Original 3 in 1 Lubi Eyebrow Stamp in just 480 pesos and get one eyebrow pressed powder. Plus, three different eyebrow shape stamp (Natural brows, Straight brows, and Korean brows)

The Original 3 in 1 Lubi Eyebrow Stamp is also waterproof and sweat proof, and it’s all organic. Choose from black, brown (light brown) and coffee (dark brown) and stamp your brow today!