Here's Why You Should Start Using a Braked AB Wheel

Here’s Why You Should Start Using a Braked AB Wheel

The Braked AB wheel is a small sturdy wheel with a rod traversing the middle that works as the handles. Its primary purpose is to support core-strengthening workouts.

But what specifically are the benefits of an ab wheel workout? Here are 5 of them:

Effectively help you tone your midsection
It’s not just effective in helping you achieve that 6 pack abs, it also assist in developing your overall core muscles and strength. Furthermore, it can improve your posture and your lifting strength.

Braked AB Wheel
Reduce back pain.
Having weak muscles is one of the major causes of back pains. These weak muscles are weak enough to support your spine to keep them functioning well.

The ab wheel helps strengthen your muscles so they do their job of keeping your spine aligned and functioning perfectly.

Improves coordination and  mobility
With braked ab wheel, you can boost your inter muscular as well as your intramuscular coordination. This is because you’re working with as many muscles and joints at the same time. Your workout with the braked ab wheel includes a large extent of movement, so your coordination, mobility, and flexibility also developed.


AB Wheel
It’s compact
Unlike other exercise machines like treadmills and rowing machines, the braked ab wheel is very easy to store and does not require too much space. Perfect for people on the go and for those who are living in small or medium-sized apartments.

Get value for its price
The braked ab wheel is very affordable. You don’t need to spend too much for you to get 100% result. It is also easy to find. You can find it in almost all stores.