Here Are the Basic Shirt Colors Everyone Should Own

Here Are the Basic Shirt Colors Everyone Should Own

There are days when you just feel like being laid back and don’t exert much effort in your outfit at all. And on these moments, we all choose to wear plain shirts.

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Here are the basic shirt colors everyone should own:

White shirt

Color white complements all skin colors, and you should definitely own one. The White shirt is also best when paired with bold pants or skirt. It is also perfect for a jumper or a suit. White shirts are easy to style and match with almost every outfit.

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Gray shirt

The color gray is a mixture of various colors or shades. If you want to enhance the shape of your body, gray is the color gray shirt is what you should wear. You can go for all way out dark by pairing your gray shirt with black pants, shorts or skirts and or pair it with white. Either way, gray rocks!


Black shirt

Black is another all-pair color. In fact, a plain black shirt can go well with almost all other colors and outfits. However, wearing black during the day when the sun is out might be a little uncomfortable since black absorbs more heat than other colors.

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Navy shirt

If you are sensitive to heat during the day, you can go for navy colored shirts. Navy color is more suitable for a day out. It is also great in creating a more neutral and tonal look, especially when paired with shorts or jeans.


When you love mixing and matching your outfit with other bold pieces, plain shirts are great to play with since they go well with everything. So, how many of these basic shirt colors do you have in your closet?