Here are some Reasons to take a Break from your Matte Lipsticks

Here are some Reasons to take a Break from your Matte Lipsticks

Today, matte lipsticks are so in that everyone surely owns one or more of it. Matte lipsticks are dry and really stick to your lips like crazy, however, with its nature; it could dry your lips. Also, others find it such a hassle to take off matte lipsticks after a day that is why we advise that you should let your lips rest sometime by using organic lip balms to let it renew itself.

Here are some reasons you need to consider to take a break from your matte lipsticks and use organic lip balm.


Jm’s Organic Lip Balm

Heal your lips

If you have been using matte lipsticks for quite some time, your lips have undoubtedly suffered from being dry and chapped. Organic lip balm will make your lips hydrated and will allow it to heal faster.


Keep them moisturized

You will get not only prone to sunburns this summer but also with dry and chapped lips. You don’t want to get embarrassed with that for sure, so make sure to use lip balm every other time to maintain the moisture in your lips.

Lip and Nipple Balm

Make them supple

With the moisture you get from lip balms, your lips will surely get suppler allowing you to achieve that Kylie-like pout lips. Who would not want to have a pink, supple, kissable lips?


Protect your lips

Most of the organic lip balms contain Spf which is perfect for this summer. This SPF will help you protect your lips from harmful UV rays keeping it healthy and gorgeous.