Getting Rid of Underarm Hair: Which Way Are You?

Getting Rid of Underarm Hair: Which Way Are You?

Unlike men, women’s underarm hair is undesirable, and so women are doing any means to get rid of their underarm hair. There are a few choices that are available for all women in getting rid of this unwanted hair; plucking, shaving, waxing, using creams and or undergoing hair removal treatment through laser. Whichever method you use, it’s all in your choice and or availability. Some could not afford treatments or waxing so end up settling for plucking and or shaving.


Here are the ways women get rid of underarm hair.


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Plucking underarm hair is probably the most common and most used method by women as you only need a puller and that’s it. However, many women and dermatologist are not happy with the result of plucking your underarm hair as it can lead to dry skin and can cause dark pigmentation in the underarm area.




In shaving underarm hair, it is important that you use a sharp razor to make sure that you get the result you want. Also, those dull razors can cause cuts or nicks. Use disposable blades and only use them 2-3 times, then, use another one.


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If you would choose to wax, make sure that you let your underarm hair grow a bit to make sure you wax everything.

Despite the benefits from waxing, many women are having second thoughts of trying it because of their fear of pain. Yes, it could really be painful but if you are into plucking before you switch to waxing it is bearable.


Using creams

This is the most convenient and painless method of removing underarm hair. However, other creams are quite expensive. But if you are uncomfortable in dealing with pain, using creams is the best method for you. Just make sure that you won’t have any allergic reactions from the cream you are using.


Laser treatment

This is unquestionably the most expensive method of removing underarm hair. However, this is the only way that offers permanent effect. It is also very convenient but could definitely cost you so much.