Four Things You Shouldn’t Have For a Healthier Skin

Four Things You Shouldn’t Have For a Healthier Skin

When we talk about skin especially for sensitive ones, the final say always lies on our dermatologists and aestheticians – because that’s how and why they studied and worked for. And being experts themselves about skins, they are also cautious when it comes to their own. Aside from doing it for themselves, they also want to set examples for proper skin care and nutrition. As part of proper care, here are feedbacks through a survey about products that dermatologists would refuse to use again.


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1. Any skin product with added fragrance: fragrance as an ingredient dominants the colorful world of beauty products. This can be largely unregulated, and “with fragrance” or “with perfume” label emphasizes the use of various synthetic and allergy triggering chemicals on the product. If you are to buy through an online shop, be sure that they are labeled as “no fragrance.”

2. Incorrect Sunscreens: As per dermatologist advice, wearing sunscreens every day is the key to having a healthier skin. This is true. However, not just any sunscreen will do. Never use a sunscreen that has an SPF of 30 or else, harmful rays of the sun might enter your skin. If you do not have an idea on what SPF your skin needs, better yet use and stay with a higher one. It is always best to use a sunscreen with a higher SPF content than what you think your skin needs.


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3. Strong exfoliation products: You may think abrasive scrubs are good for skin exfoliation, but rough physical skin routine of this kind can cause irritation and dryness to the skin.

4. Extended wear makeup: Today, a lot of women are fond of choosing makeup products that do not easily wear out. Ever wondered why? These products are made with silicone polymers, which are great agents for sudden breakouts and acnes. This long-lasting makeup can also lead you to skip important steps in your skin care routine. Plus, it is not a good idea to sleep with your makeup on and keep it overnight.


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We may overlook some important matters when it comes to choosing our skin care and beauty products, but we must not forget the important ones. As we are aiming for a complete care of ourselves, we must not be easily carried away by whatever “new” that are being featured and advertised. Still, if you desire for a perfect or at least close to perfection skin, stick to the healthy and wise pieces of advice.