Some Facts Women Should Know about Men

Some Facts Women Should Know about Men

Females are sensitive, emotional, and most often, they are the one who needs more attention than man. But wait, men are like ladies too. Yes, they are not that sensitive because many men do come across as being insensitive, though it would hardly be the case if you get to know them deep down. Some men are afraid to feel the hurt that they don’t want to feel. Most of them care about their ego, and there are some false beliefs that they hold as true. They are emotional just like ladies, in a secret way that no one would know and no one would ever wonder. Some of the men more believe on what they think and losing touch with their heart.

Here are some facts the women should understand about men.

  • Women should stay away from men’s access to social media like the internet and the website they’ve always been checking out. If you’re searching where he has been, then you might regret it.
  • Most men are friendly so ladies should not take it personally when they check out other women.
  • Men will always be men. In some ways, you can change his lifestyle, but you can never change their attitude because that’s how they grew up. And if you start changing them, it might end into something you don’t want to happen.
  • Men would always try to understand women as much as they can, but it shouldn’t be all the time. You may have lots of fight in every relationship, but you have to let it go rather than having your ego and losing your man.
  • Men are jealous of some your guy friends especially your straight guy friends. This seldom happens if those guys weren’t introduced to him and you’ve been together with those men for most of the time.
  • Last but not the least, never criticize their mom. Men may be so silent in their relationship with his mom but they love, and they care for their mother as much as women do.


Easy breezy tips for you girls – follow these and you will keep him forever!

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