Essential Body Skin Care Tips

Essential Body Skin Care Tips

Our face is what we see first when e look in the mirror that is why most of us are obsess over it. However, the skin on our face is just a pinch of the skin parts of our whole body yet we give all our attention to it and forget the rest. Skin is our protective barrier. Thus it needs to be taken care for, and it doesn’t start and ends with face wash – it should go from head to toe.


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Essential Body Skin Care Tips

Just like the skin on our face, the rest of our body suffer from the adverse effects of our everyday life. From the sweat we get from the gym and working out, the pollution we face every day, the smoke, the dust, the sun and all others makes our skin stressed and damaged. That is why a good cleansing is essential as well as exfoliation and hydration.


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Have a good cleanse

If you only do a good cleanse on important parts of your body, your routine is apparently too basic. Make sure to wash thoroughly to remove dirt and impurities.

With just two or three times per week, shift to an exfoliating body wash or add a scrub to your routine to get rid of the dead skin cells.


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Have a good rinse

Once you are done applying all the products in during your shower, it’s the time to rinse everything off and make sure that you go out of the shower super clean and fresh without those sticky feeling.


Have a good moisturizer

After you have washed and cleansed your skin, rinsed and dry, it’s the time to moisturize. Applying a moisturizing body lotion into your post-shower routine will make sure that the skin gets the hydration it needs.