Easy Hair Removal Cream + After Hair Removal Soothing Gel 70 + 7 | Body and Skin Care

Easy Hair Removal Cream + After Hair Removal Soothing Gel 70 + 7 | Body and Skin Care

Ideal for removing hair from your legs, arms, underarms and makes it skin smoother. Rich in moisture from shea butter and pro-vitamins, it helps the hair to weaken and fall out easily. The skin and pores diminish giving the skin tenderness. I don’t irritate your skin. Be confident to show every in…



Be Attractive and Glowing with Healthy Cheeks

2 in 1 Eye & Cheek Cream 4g Baby Bright Camellia Color

One most attractive part of a woman’s face is her cheeks, especially if it’s glowing chubby cheeks. The face will light up with clear and soft cheeks. On the contrary, cheeks that look dull and acne prone aren’t attractive and is a big turn off. To get to the positive side, all you need is the right kind of care all the time.



Lack of moisture leads to the dry and dull skin. Hence, moisturize and nourish in a proper manner. With this you should never use harsh soaps for your face, but rather a good cleanser or face wash. Hydrate the cheeks by applying moisturizer every after a bath and massage a little in a circular motion so it would be absorbed by the skin. Do this twice a day and be sure that your products are appropriate for your skin type.



Two factors that make the skin dull are the everyday stress and exposure to the heat of the sun. To protect your skin, use a sunscreen and prevent the appearance of patchy or tanned skin. Next, gently exfoliate your skin through a scrub to remove the dead skin layer and other impurities. You can actually use a salt as an alternative. Use cream, honey or yogurt to achieve bright skin.



Other people’s cheek skin is prone to acne. The tip here is to never pinch nor touch them so it would not worsen. If you are having a severe case of acne, a topical cream or treatment can be used to relieve this. To avoid blackheads and whiteheads or to get rid of them, wash your face twice a day so that the dirt and oil would not accumulate on the skin. A paste of sandalwood and rosewater can be used to get rid of acne and acne marks and get a clear and bright skin. You can also use this to treat sunburn.