Different Ways of Hair Removal

Different Ways of Hair Removal

Reaching puberty would typically send out some hairs on specific areas of the body and most of the time, these are unwanted. Unwanted hair can commonly be found on the upper lip, toes, feet, bikini lines, abdomen, cheeks, back, and legs. This can be caused either by genetics, certain medications such as steroids or hormones, endocrine system conditions, and medical abnormalities. There are several ways on how to remove the unwanted hair. Here are the following options:



This is one way of removing unwanted hair where the hair is removed to just below the surface of the skin and does not cause the hair to grow any thicker. The frequency of shaving your hair depends on how fast your hair grows. The shaved areas may have a rough texture in its re-growth phase. However, risks in shaving are ingrown hairs, skin irritation, superficial infection brought by cuts, and growth and spread of viral warts.



Typically performed using tweezers or thin threads through a process called “threading”, this is a safe and inexpensive method of hair removal for hairy areas of the body. This can be uncomfortable and time-consuming, but this is surely worthwhile for the hairs you would like to remove such as in the eyebrow and underarms. Also, it would take a longer time for these hairs to grow back but might cause scarring when used in larger areas.


Hair Removal


This is a process of hair removal where a chemical is used to dissolve the hair shaft. Hair removal creams are fast-acting and definitely painless. Most effective when used after a bath or shower, hair grows back typically two weeks after. Be careful as this should be picked carefully, especially those over-the-counter products. This should not be applied in small cuts and sunburned skins. The risks in depilation include superficial chemical sunburns and other allergic reactions.



Performed at home or at the salon with the help of a professional, this involves the application of a layer of wax in the area where the hair is to be removed. When the wax is pulled off, the hairs are then pulled out. Pain can be felt and it can be messy. Sometimes, the hair may break off during the procedure. The results can be similar to plucking as long as the bulb is intact with the hair when removed. The risks of hot waxing include infection ad superficial burns, but as long as you apply it the right way, your skin will never be harmed.