Decorating Essentials For A Bohemian Glamour

Decorating Essentials For A Bohemian Glamour

Who doesn’t dream of a glamorous bohemian room? Bohemian glam can be in so many unique directions. Since there is no specific way to define this look, many find this style difficult to achieve. But don’t worry we’ll help you out by giving you these essentials for a more bohemian glamor. As long as you keep these essentials in your list, you can just add or remove anything you love or don’t feel like to give it your personal touch.

sika dear pattern


You have to include anything that has vintage flair on your design as this lights so much of anything Boho. Whether it be a gorgeous vintage chandelier or an antique headboard, matching the old and the new are the best means to achieve that Boheme feeling.

Animal Prints

The elements of Zebra, Cheetah and Tiger prints are an excellent way to elevate that Boheme vibe and all of it works just fine. To get that perfect vibe, make sure that you also exude exoticness.

<boho swinwear

The Peacock Chair

This is an essential! Your room will not be a complete Boho without this peacock chair. They are so cozy and just oh-so boho.

Candles, Lanterns, and Dreamcatchers

There is something about the candles that go perfectly with boho, and the lanterns produce an atmosphere of warm weather like an outdoor glow. Plus, a Dreamcatcher makes everything perfect.

A woven wall hanging

Anything woven gives that Boho vibes; so whether you get a rug or a cloak beautifully woven and then hang on the wall are a must.

bikini boho

The Fur Touch

Do you want Boho? Then add some fur. Fur looks good on a comfortable chair. Plus, the Moroccan poufs are the embodiment of having that bohemian glamor. So, might as well get one now and add it in your fav area.

Pillows and more pillows

Bohemian is all but textures and colors of fabrics, and a great way to showcase them is through your pillows and more pillows the more glamorous it is and the more Boho indeed.