Copper Mug for Moscow Mules, But Why?

Copper Mug for Moscow Mules, But Why?

Great drinks always have a glass wherein they are specifically served which contributes to their greatness. Cocktails are a blend of well-balanced liquors and mixers, shaken well, and then poured into its proper glass. Whiskey is poured into a low-ball glass while a martini is poured into a classic long-stem and wide-brim glass. The excellent margaritas come in big glasses that would make the smallest bowl look little by comparison.

For Moscow Mule, of course, same formula applies. Moscow Mule equals Copper Mugs. All of the drinks and glasses we just stated above is known because they elevate the senses with enticing aromas, immense flavors, and the best viable presentation. Furthermore, each of these drinks lies upon its glass to showcase its character and unique story.


copper mug

Today, we will talk about the Moscow Mule. So, how does a copper mug contributes to the greatness of Moscow Mule? Read along!


A delightful martini is first shaken-well over ice before it’s poured into a long-stem glass. Those loving these drinks have a greater experience when their martini is served in its proper vessel. The copper mugs intensify your pleasure of a Moscow Mule since it is ideal for keeping the cold temperature of your Moscow Mule. The solid copper mugs have been utilized for hundreds of years to experience cold drinks since the structure confines the cool of the drink and the warmth of your hand.

The copper mugs cool down quickly when your Moscow Mule runs the bottom of the glass. The walls of the mug wrap the drink, keeping its cold temperature longer. The copper mug’s rim cools down immediately, giving a chilling excitement with every sip you take. What’s even more cool about the copper mules? Its handle insulates the warmth from your hand and puts it away from your cold Moscow Mule.


Taste is forever subjective and will differ from one person to another. But, there is a real case to be presented that copper mule mugs flatter the taste as well as the aroma of the Moscow Mule. Some specialists submit that when vodka touches copper, the copper mug starts to oxidize lightly. The effect is a lift to the aroma of your Moscow Mule including a rounded flavor profile for the vodka drink. Moreover, cold copper mugs can raise the bubbles in your drink, producing carbonation of the ginger beer and gaining the fizziness out of your drink.

So, if you’re going to ask one more time, Copper mugs for Moscow Mules, but why? Well, it’s simply the best! Get yours now!