Cleaning Tips for Your Pieces of Jewellery

Cleaning Tips for Your Pieces of Jewellery

Just like anything else your pieces of jewellery are not immune from getting dirt, thus, they get dirty, tarnished and would have a change in its color. Especially if you have worn them almost every day while you were sweating so bad or you haven’t used them for some time that they were just left in a box useless. Whether it’s 24-karat gold or just a silver-plated nickel, a slight elbow salve can revive the lustre it used to have.

Pretty sure, you have that jewellery in there that needs overhauling so here are some smart tips for you to get started.



For only a little cash, you can already purchase a microfiber cloth that is specially made to eliminate tarnish from both silver and gold jewellery. This fabric is pre-treated with a polish. Thus, it cleanses and also shines far more efficiently than your traditional eyeglass cleaning cloth. The lighter-colored clothes will allow you to see your progress quickly since the tarnish and the grime come off in bright lines as you rub that is great for knowing when you can stop and feel content with the result. You can use it until the whole cloth becomes black.


Many pieces of jewellery are fashioned with fine stones to standard costume pieces which can be cleaned by applying just a little mild soap or a dishwashing liquid and a whole lot of care. When you’re done, wash it in a bowl or glass of warm and clean water, next, lay it on a clean cloth or paper towel to dry off. Make sure not to catch any parts of that dangly bracelet or necklace.



You may deem that your fingers are just what you need to do the job, but a toothbrush can do it much better. So, grab a soft-bristled toothbrush and brush off those tiny crevasses of your bracelets, earrings, and necklace. Make sure to purchase a new soft-bristled toothbrush to make sure it does the job perfectly.



While many people from different sites suggest that you use toothpaste to polish your silver, it’s a pretty rough stuff. Minty toothpaste can scratch the prime coat of the silver and will show the cheaper metal beneath. Further, gold and gemstones can also be damaged if you use toothpaste, so avoid using them and if you’re planning to use them please don’t! Thank us later.

There you have it! So, think it’s time for your jewelries to have a bath, do not forget to remember these tips and you are just fine to go.