Choosing the Right Shampoo for Your Hair Type

Choosing the Right Shampoo for Your Hair Type

Staring at the hundreds of shampoo displays will surely make you puzzled as to which one will you choose. But, the words behind the shampoo labels are all backed up with science. The main thing about this is that most shampoos used are basically cleansing agents, preservatives, thickeners, and humectants.


You’ll need the perfect combination of solutions to make the right formula that is precise for your hair. We asked shampoo chemists/analysts for a guide to know which type of shampoo is to be used depending on your hair type.


Normal – If you have a hair with the precised balance of dryness and oiliness that is not too frizzy and fine, then you would need a practically even ratio of detergents and conditioning agents. You’ll need to hunt for it though, for normal shampoos aren’t easy to find during these days due to brands that create their own version of shampoos for specific hair types.


Hairy Fairy Dry Shampoo

Oily – If you have an excess sebum, waxy styling products will leave greasy remains and will require a clarifying formula to remove. These formulas are likely to have salicylic acid that helps break down the gunk left on the hair and scalp. The ingredients list should be shorter, so that you won’t be able to deposit anything else on your hair, and contain detergents like sulfates to help remove dirt and oils.


Frizzy or Curly – To control an unruly curl, you will need high levels of conditioning agents for a more moist and smooth hair. If this is the case, products called cleansing conditioners of that kind of benefit. A cleansing conditioner basically contains a little bit of mild surfactants to help remove dirt. They offer a high level of moist and gentle cleanse to help keep the hair cuticle smooth and fight fly-away.