Calling Petite Women - Hear This Out When Wearing Maxi Dress

Calling Petite Women – Hear This Out When Wearing Maxi Dress

Everyone loves a maxi dress, I mean who wouldn’t? Maxi dress is very versatile and comfy like literally, you can wear it all year round. All you have to do is style it up to fit the season or occasion, and you will be fab!


However, a maxi dress can be very overwhelming especially for women who are not blessed with height. Since the maxi dress is flowy and long, the tendency is that the dress will overpower the one wearing resulting in a not so flattering look. Yes! We can hear you pretty petite women, don’t fuss because we can do something about that.


white whole dress

Here are the dos to make sure you – petite women can rock a maxi dress like a supermodel!


The design

When choosing a design of a maxi dress, a uni-colored dress is best for you as it gives you this flowy, long and continuous line from the top down to the bottom. However, if you want a printed design, that’s totally fine but just make sure that the prints or pattern are not bigger than your fist.



The fabric

When it comes to the material, go with the flowy ones. Choose the ones that have drapes – gorgeous drapes. This will somehow give an illusion that you are not as short as you are standing right now and that’s what you want right? So go with the flowy ones.



The length

Whether you wish to wear heels or go cozy with Chuck Taylor, go for a top-toe-grazing length. Although you will wear heels, avoid wearing maxi dress that is over your height as it merely emphasizes and suggests that you are short and you don’t like that for sure.


blue whole dress

The fit

Always choose a maxi dress with fitted bodice as this will not only flatter your upper body, it will also perfectly balance the drape of the skirt.

Consider the neckline as well. A halter and or V neckline are always perfect for petite women as it elongates the body. You can also add a beautiful belt or a simple tie to accentuate your waist and hips. Additionally, you can create a high-waist style which makes your legs appear long.


There you go! Now, why fuss when we can do something about it. So, calling all petite women out there, follow these simple tips and we can’t wait to see how you rock your maxi dress like a supermodel.