Bid Goodbye to Skin Problems! Here's How!

Bid Goodbye to Skin Problems! Here’s How!

Our skin is a delicate part of our body and believe it or not; they require the extra effort we hardly put on ourselves. While some skins are naturally smooth and flawless, there are also others which need a regular cleansing routine.

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Our skin has the highest tendency to look greasy and prone to acquire dirt. As a result, they lead to three common skin problems: whiteheads, blackheads, and open pores. If you are experiencing such, today might not be too late to take action. Here’s how:



As per definition, whiteheads are tiny nodules of stocked oil below the surface of the skin. A natural and home treatment is made available to treat this problem. A mixture of 2 teaspoon orange peel, two teaspoon rice powder, and two teaspoons dry pea powder with a rose water makes a thick paste. Apply it generously on your skin and wait until it dries. Afterward, wash your face with cold water and pat dry.


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While whiteheads are stocked oil, blackheads are hardened sebum that blackens when exposed to air. This could lead to pimples and acne if not well treated immediately. For deep pore cleaning, a slight massage followed by the application of a mixture of orange juice, honey and a pinch of camphor will do. These are good for oily skins. It is also very helpful to drink at least ten glasses of water every day and maintain a balanced diet.


Open Pores

Open pores or holes in the skin are common to those that are oily. They are just normal holes enlarged due to excessive oil secretion and needs tightening masks to absorb the moisture. To reduce oiliness, it is recommended to use a refrigerated toner or any antiseptic wash. You can also use the pulp of a mashed banana on your face for 20 minutes and then wash it off with clean water. Another one is rubbing tomatoes cut in halves and leaves it for a few moments.


Most of us just keep silent about our skin problems, thinking it would embarrass us or just cause hassle. But in reality, we should take action while it’s still early and not wait for it to become severe. Our skin is a big part of our life. Thus, we should take good care of it not only for beauty but also for health.