Beauty101: Experience the Miracles of Papaya!

Beauty101: Experience the Miracles of Papaya!

The inventions of products from our very own resources have provided answers to what every woman is looking for. Especially on beauty products, we have arrived at the less usage of chemicals and more on fruits and vegetables. Papaya, a tropical fruit common in the Philippines, is now being used as a top product for beauty and health. Below are some of the ways on how papaya can be used for natural health conditions.


1.    Papaya can be used as a facial mask

Papayas contain vitamins E and C that provides natural exfoliation. One effective way to make this exfoliation happen is to make a facial mask for a smoother and fresher look.


2.    Papaya removes dead skin

When you use papaya as a body scrub, it removes dead skin in the process. By doing this, you can rub it on your skin, leave for thirty minutes and have a quick shower afterward.


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3.    Papaya treats wounds

Wounds that do not heal or seem to be so long to heal can be applied with papaya pulp. This helps your natural healing properties do the healing faster and help you reduce the uneasy feeling brought by the wound.


4.    Papaya lightens your skin

Papaya extracts give shine and glow to your skin because they contain vitamin E. The first few tries may give you an itchy and irritated feeling, but after a few weeks, changes in skin tone can be noticed. It lightens your skin by peeling off dead skins.


5.    Papaya can be used to remove acne scars

Papaya typically with honey is used to treat acne scars because they contain enzymes that help in repairing skin damages that fade out acne scars.


6.    Papaya is a facial cleanser

Are you currently having problems with blemishes, dry skin tone, or pimples? The solution is simple! Rub a white pulp from a papaya on your skin for a few minutes. Papaya contains vitamins and enzymes that could help remove dirt and unnecessary dust on your face.


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