Be a Boho Chic, Be a Bohemian Goddess!

Be a Boho Chic, Be a Bohemian Goddess!

The Boho or Bohemian trend is one of the most feminine and impressive styles that existed in the fashion world today. It formed an important portion on the fashion lines of different brands. Of course, it has certain characteristics for it to be identified as one. Here are the main characteristics of a boho chic style.



One easy way of going boho is to include a touch of bohemian style of clothing in your wardrobe. You can have a maxi dress that can be matched with crochet tops or oversized shirts. Knitted sweaters and ripped denim lower pieces will also do for bohemian clothing. Floral prints of anything are also good as well as fur outerwear garments.


Bohemian Beads Flower Chandelier Earrings


In terms of Boho shoes, the type of footwear that you need is ballet flats or ethnic inspired sandals reflecting Greek or Roman influences. It is important that the footwear would match the shade of your garments or may come in neutral color such as nude. You can also try gladiator sandals or ankle boots.


Bohemian Artificial Turquoise Choker



When talking about the bohemian accessories, first do not forget what a bohemian girl is. She is a free-spirited woman, expressing nothing but herself. On top of the list of bohemian accessories are the fedora hats, head wraps and head bands, turbans, sunglasses that are styled vintage, and colorful scarves. Bracelets, expression necklace and chokers, as well as earrings are ideal finishing touches to achieve that boho chic look! Go for the silver bracelets, big necklace pendants, dangled earrings and other colorful accessories to add life to your entirety.


Overall, the main elements to be a bohemian goddess is comfort, easy feel, and neutral colors. Aside from paying attention to your overall clothing and accessories, it is also important to give importance on your hair and makeup. It only requires a minimal makeup look and common hairstyle featuring braids and top knots.