Basket Bags – Why Every Girl Must Have Them In Their Wardrobe

Whether or not you are a bag aficionado, trust us when we say that every girl must have their own collection of basket bags in their wardrobe. Why? Because these bags are totally rocking the fashion scene right now. From celebrities to fashion icons, everyone seems to have fallen in love with these stylish handmade bags– and you will too!

Today at The Fun Stuff Shop, we want to share with you three of the most important reasons these awesome bags are a must-have. Here they are:

It’s On Trend

We’re not exaggerating when we say that wicker bag is the current “IT” bag because it definitely is! Why else would Dolce and Gabbana, Tory Burch, and Charlotte Olympia give the bag their own touch and strut it down the runway? There are now a lot of high-end brands creating their own version of basket bag including Gucci, Balenciaga, and Prada.

Apart from being advertised by high-end brands, this type of bag is also a celebrity favorite. Numerous celebrities have been spotted carrying their own basket bag. The list of names includes Pippa Middleton, Lily Aldridge, Kirsten Dunst, and Nina Agdal. And not just that, a lot of famous social media influencers have joined the hype too!

If you want to look fab and stylish in your OOTD, then make sure to pair it with an exquisite bag too.

It’s A Versatile Accessory

Basket bags are usually made with indigenous straw materials such as abaca and rattan, which you’ll possibly associate with the tropical, rustic, and bohemian style. But just so you know, they are actually versatile and can be paired with any getup that you wear. You can also wear it any time of the year (not just summer) and in any event – prom and wedding, and even red carpet galas!

Over the years, a lot of basket bag styles were also introduced – beach totes, sling bags, shoulder bags, handbags, and clutches, which only means that there’s definitely one for your style and personality!

It’s A Classic Piece

“Classic? But it’s just a new trend!” That’s probably what you’ve thought, but no, these bags were actually already popular even in the 70s – thanks to Jane Birkin – the English singer, actress, and model who is famously associated with the Hermes bag named after her. Birkin was photographed walking around Paris with her woven basket wearing a classic t-shirt and slouchy jeans, and people, of course, loved it!

This type of bag is definitely a classic piece. And there’s always a perfect style for every girl!


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