Argan Oil for Both Hair and Skin

Argan Oil for Both Hair and Skin

The sun is rising high, and if you love the outdoor (even if not), it does make your hair dry and coarse. This is so common today especially summer is already peeping. Another problem that women have is the acne. Many products in the market promise to treat these hair and skin problems but having to buy different products would be costly. If only there is one product that can address both hair and acne problems so, I could save money! This is my wish (I’m sure your wish too) before I found the Argan Oil.

The greatest thing about Argan Oil is that it carries many benefits. Plus, it is also 100% organic with no side-effects. It is produced from Argan trees found in Morocco. Many renowned makeup artists, hairstylists, and spas apply this oil for several purposes. No wonder this is also called as “Liquid Gold” by others.

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So, what are these benefits?

1. Safe for all type of skin

Finding the right products for our skin type can be so hard. But worry no more because Argan oil has your back. Argan oil is safe for all skin type. In fact, it is best for those with oily skin.

Yes! I know, it may sound ironic because it is oil, but experts say that essential oils work best for those with oily skin. Why? Because essential oils keep the skin moisturized, hydrated and balanced. Therefore it helps prevent the additional production of sebum which is known to cause acne.

2. Treats acne

As I have already mentioned, Argan oil helps prevent the excess production of sebum which is known for causing acne. It works like a treated moisturizer for those who are prone to acne. It also helps lessen the swelling and inflammation of the acne, and this is because of the antioxidants that Argan oil carries.



3. Smooth the lips

Argan oil is a perfect remedy for cracked and dull lips. Argan oil keeps our lips hydrated and smooth. Plus, it brings the original shade back as before – the baby lips. Exfoliating your lips also helps to keep your lips soft and smooth. One simple scrub you can prepare and use is by using brown sugar and Argan Oil. You can also combine honey if you want. Just make sure to use it right after you add the sugar so that it’s not melted thoroughly.

4. Natural hair style

If you have noticed most of the shampoos and conditioners today have Argan oil as it’s highlighted ingredient. That is because Argan oil is good for the hair. It is also used as is by many hairstylists to keep the hair for styling. It revamps the hair completely and makes it shinier. It also repairs damaged and coarse hair.

5. Anti-aging agent

Argan oil does not only act a great moisturizer but as an anti-aging agent too. Furthermore, the fatty acids that are found in Argan oil will help renew the elasticity your skin; making it firmer and young-looking.