Argan Oil: Experience the Best Out of the Liquid Gold

Argan Oil: Experience the Best Out of the Liquid Gold

Known to be “liquid gold” extracted from the kernels of a native tree in Morocco, Argan tree, this is ultimately abundant in beneficial nutrients such as fatty acids and vitamin E. it is very much effective for the hair and skin, making it a very good cosmetic choice for many. Here are a list of the uses and benefits of Argan oil:


1. Skin Moisturizer – In the most common sense, argan oil is widely used as a skin moisturizer to hydrate and soften the skin through its fatty acid and high vitamin E content. It is non-greasy, non-irritating and it absorbs easily. With just a few drops and a rubbing motion, you can already enjoy the benefits of argan oil to the skin.


2. Hair conditioner – For a softer, silkier and shinier hair, the best and most ideal hair conditioner is argan oil. It helps treat split ends and frizzy hair and has several types of applications and ways of using it depending on the results you want to see.


Argan Oil

3. Styling – Because argan oil is best known to soften frizz and give shine to the hair, it is widely used as a styling agent in the different parts of the world. Aside from giving the hair an attractive shine, it also makes the hair healthy and more manageable. All you have to do is to take a few drops of argan oil, rub them into your palms and comb your fingers through your hair.


4. Anti-aging – Not only is this oil good as a moisturizer, but it could also give a smooth, youthful skin that glows and makes no visibility of wrinkles through its anti-oxidant effect. It helps bring back skin elasticity and makes skin feel softer. To make this very much effective, apply a few drops and massage them on the face and neck before going to bed.