Alpha Arbutin: A Discovery for a Newer and Safer Skin

Alpha Arbutin: A Discovery for a Newer and Safer Skin

Although synthetically produced in laboratories, Alpha Arbutin is an ingredient that can also be extracted from bearberry plants. Traditionally, this is used as an antioxidant and is therefore used in most anti-aging products. This compound is well-known to slow down an enzyme activity, specifically melanin formation. To this reason, Arbutin is often used in skin lightening products such as soaps, pills, and bleaches. What specifically are the benefits of a product that contains alpha Arbutin?


To begin with, alpha Arbutin is highly effective in treating and eliminating skin problems such as dry skin, freckles, moles, and acne scars.


Arbutin Soap

Even though used in small percentages, this helps you achieve the desired results faster as compared to a kojic acid and other glutathione skin bleaching product. It is expensive, but it is far more effective.


Undeniably, using Arbutin products are one of the easiest and fastest ways in achieving a fair and smooth skin tone. It is recommended and harmless in skins of all complexions and types.


It has been recorded that Japan and Europe had already stopped the usage of this ingredient, but products that contain Arbutin were all proven to be safe, especially in low concentration.


Today, doctors and other experts recommend using products that contain alpha Arbutin in concentrations below four percent. It is best recommended to be used moderately so as to spare you from the dangerous side effects of the ingredient. There are actually reputable and well-known lightening products that combine this ingredient with other strong ones such as kojic acid, hydroxides, and glutathione.


It is definitely true that there are major differences in studies conducted to the frequent users of this ingredient. Some people do not experience the side effects of alpha Arbutin, while others were deeply affected. This shows that it will all depend on the nature and type of your skin, which is why a specialist is important in any skin bleaching decision you make.