About Us

Welcome to The Fun Stuff Shop!

Our store is here to provide you with world-class handcrafted products – specially made for your stylish soul! Each item we offer is created by the hands of our skilled and passionate Filipino artisans. From hand-woven abaca bags down to hand-stitched crochet paintings, everything in our shop is designed to show the ingenuity, creativeness, and craftsmanship of hardworking Filipino artisans.


The Style Connoisseur

Here at The Fun Stuff Shop, we value your style and preference greatly. Our artisans have created awesome masterpieces that will surely match your personality. It’s not just an item. It’s specifically made for you!

We have developed various designs and prototypes of our products for you to find the perfect match. So enjoy shopping and browsing through our great selections. You’re guaranteed to find a match!


More Than Just A Fun Store

We’re not just any other store. One of our core goals is to showcase the beauty of the Philippines with our crafts. Our abaca bags, tops, and paintings will remind you of the sunny tropical paradise, the white and pristine beaches, and the warm and happy locals. It will even encourage you to explore our beautiful and diverse archipelago!


Supporting the Local Scene

Take part in this mission! Every purchase you make will give a direct and positive impact on the lives of the “makers” by promoting and supporting their craft and providing a fair and sustainable livelihood.


Happy shopping!