A Beginner’s Guide – Top Five Most Popular Earrings You Should Own

“A fun pair of earrings is basically the finishing touch to any outfit; a nice watch is both practical and decorative, while the perfect unique bag is not only eye-catching but also timeless – it can be passed on to future generations.”

— Liu Wen

Remember what Marilyn Monroe said about giving a girl the right kind of shoes and she’ll be able to conquer the world? Well, a pair of beautiful earrings can do more than that – you aren’t just conquering the world, you become the world.

It may sound a bit exaggerated, but we speak only for the truth. When you wear the perfect pair of earrings, it’s easier to grab someone’s attention and boost your self-confidence. A beautiful pair of earrings is no doubt the most important accessory you need to finish your OOTD game strong.

But how do you choose the right earrings that suit your taste? Well, we got you covered! Here is a list of five must-have earrings. Check them out:


Let’s start with the basic. Studs can be considered as a classic. They are simple and elegant and can be worn on any occasion; paired with any outfit. In other words, they can be considered as your “everyday earring.” So, if you are just going for a casual look for a regular day at school or work, a pair of stud earrings is the foolproof choice.

Studs are usually accentuated with precious stones like diamonds or even your birthstone. They also come in many designs – they are far from boring.


Hoops are another classic earring style. They’ve been popular for ages, and yet they still continue to grow popular even today. As a matter of fact, we’ve already confirmed that the bigger the hoops, the better! Gold hoop earrings are by far the favorite among all other hoop designs but of course, there are other hoop earrings that are artistically created.

What we love about hoops is the fact that they are also versatile. You can use them when you opt for a cool street style OOTD and you can also wear them on fancy events – like the red carpet!

Chandelier Earrings

If you feel like you want to be extra, slay the runway and be the center of attention, then you should consider wearing chandelier earrings. These earrings are the perfect ones for huge events such as weddings, red carpet galas, fashion shows, proms, birthday parties and all the fancy events that you can name. When it comes to chandelier earrings, always go for the long, sparkly ones – bedazzled in glimmering gems.

Tassel Earrings

Tassel earrings are currently popular among social media influencers. They are colorful, whimsy, and fun to wear. Even celebrities from all parts of the world have flaunted them. The main feature of the tassel earring is the fringe made from tassel cord (hence the name) which is then accentuated with beads, stones, or pendants.

A  pair of tassel earring is the perfect choice for a fun party or during your tropical vacation escapade!

(Fun Fact: Did you know that tassel earring was first used in 1870. Image that?)

Mismatched Earrings

Mismatched earrings have recently gained attention and people can’t seem to get enough of them. Numerous times, mismatched earrings were spotted on runways worn by gorgeous models. They come from all sizes and are intricately designed.

Having a mismatched earring gives you a fresh perspective to mix your accessories and reinvent your whole look. If you want to achieve an edgy look, a mismatched earring is the best choice.

What’s your most favorite type of earrings?

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