92.5 Sterling Silver Jewelry: How To Tell It's FAKE!

92.5 Sterling Silver Jewelry: How To Tell It’s FAKE!

925 Sterling Silver jewelry does not come cheap. It surely demands an investment. Thus, it is important that you don’t get lured into buying fake ones.

925 sterling silver is far more valuable compared to silver plated or stainless steel type of jewelry. So, you have to make sure that the silver you got is the real thing.

What makes a 925 Sterling Silver jewelry real?


Silver necklace


A pure silver is 99% silver metal. If you get an ounce of silver in a bar then what you are having is 99% pure silver. Sadly, 99% pure silver is not dense enough to fit for a jewelry metal. This the reason why there is 925 sterling silver.

Sterling silver is a type of metal that is 92.5% pure silver while the rest of its components are usually copper or alloy.


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What makes a 925 Sterling Silver jewelry fake?

When the ‘92.5 Sterling Silver’ you bought is attracted to a magnet and comes very cheap, that’s a clear sign that it might be fake.


Silver Couple Ring


You can also do some test to further identify if the sterling silver you got is fake. One, by rubbing it with a clean cloth and no black marks appear. Second, if you expose it to nitric acid and a cream color appears instead of green.

These are just a few ways you can do to help you identify fake sterling silver jewelry.

The money has is earned through hard work and so, it is really unfair that you don’t get stuff that you truly deserve. However, it all depends if you are smart enough to know how to purchase and what to purchase before spending.