8 Reasons Why You Should Own A Castor Oil

8 Reasons Why You Should Own A Castor Oil

Often only thought as an antidote for constipation, castor oil has a long history of being a beauty enhancing treatment. Of the seeds of the Castor plant or the Palma Christi plant, the castor oil we use today is useful in many ways and improving beauty appearances. Here are some of them:


Castor Oil

1. Castor oil for hair growth: if you desire a faster growth of your hair, you can apply castor oil on your scalp with a slight massage in it. This improves blood circulation to follicles, assisting hair growth.

2. Castor oil for dandruff: castor oil contains anti – fungal and anti – bacterial properties that help treat dandruff and other scalp conditions. A mix of 1 tablespoon of castor oil, one tablespoon of olive oil and the juice of half a lemon is an effective hair mask to treat this problem. This will not only help you with dandruff but also with getting a nourished and conditioned hair.

3. Castor oil for hair thickening: with omega – 6 and omega – 9 fatty acids, castor oil encourages new growth and thickening of existing hair strands giving you a beautiful shiny and thicker hair.

4. Castor oil for treating split ends: applying castor oil at the ends of your hair 30 minutes before shampooing ends your dull and dry split hair ends.

5. Castor oil for longer eyelashes: for those who desire longer lashes without undergoing eyelash extensions, castor oil will do the trick for you. All you have to do is to use them to your lashes every night before going to sleep. Results are seen after at least a couple of weeks.

6. Castor oil as skin moisturizer: as castor oil penetrates into the skin, it softens and hydrates it and helps produce elastin and collagen, which delays the fine lines and wrinkles – both are those that show signs of aging.

7. Castor oil for dry skin: an equal mixture of castor oil and coconut oil applied on the dry skin for at least 20 minutes will help you have a softer skin and makes the dryness disappear. Rinse with water, pat dry, and there you just witnessed a magic!

8. Castor Oil for Sunburn: Be ready for the beach! With its anti-inflammatory properties, castor oil is a good counteraction for sunburns. A mixture of castor and coconut oil to the affected area gives you the relief upon application.