8 Basic Tips to Make Your Shoes Last Longer

8 Basic Tips to Make Your Shoes Last Longer

Of all the things we wear every day, our shoes do most of the work. They travel from ground to ground while carrying all of your weight. In return, they deserve all the care they should receive while you get the most out of them. Here are some tips on how to take care and extend the life of your shoes:

Organize your closet

Your closet can accommodate not only your clothes; organize them well, so you’ll have extra space for your shoes. Do not pile the shoes on top of each other as they might cause other shoes to be dirty. Special storages are made for special shoes: if you have shoes that you only wear on special occasions or with a good suit, keep them in a separate box to avoid being crushed by other shoes and to keep them dust free.


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Clean and polish your shoes habitually

It makes you feel that a shoe is old just because they look dirty. Have all the tools needed and clean them regularly or ask your nearest cleaners to do it for you.


Avoid stepping in dirt

Keep your shoes away from mud, wet grasses, and water puddles as they can be a factor in damaging your shoes.


Wear shoes whenever necessary

Don’t wear shoes when you don’t need to. Just wear slippers at home and change into them whenever you can get so that your shoes won’t wear out sooner.


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Your shoes are yours

As much as possible, do not let others borrow your shoes. Others care less about things they do not own so try not to lend them out. Your shoe also has your fit and making others wear them might make them too loose for you later.


Never walk on the heels

Wear your shoes properly. Untie the lace and put your feet all the way in. Untie them again if you want to take them off. Do not just slip in and out.


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Apply waterproofing

If you know you’ll be out in the rain with your shoe on, use a waterproofing agent to protect your shoes from damage. Shoe stores and even online shops recommend appropriate ones for what type of shoes you own.


Don’t drag your feet

Pick up your feet when you walk to avoid wearing out the soles of your shoes.