5 Types of Fabrics Perfect for the Summer

5 Types of Fabrics Perfect for the Summer

The fabrics you wear during the summer season make a significant exception. As we all have known, Summer is a hot season. The temperature is usually at its peak. Everyone is doing anything just to alleviate the heat and the stress it brings. Some go the beaches, resorts, or stay in the shower room for hours.

But what about those people who don’t have the time to do all these summer activities because of work or studies? How do they alleviate the summer heat?


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Well, there are many ways for you to beat the heat this summer. Drinking more water and keep hydrated is one. Another way is to give more attention to the fabrics you are wearing. The clothes that you wear for the summer should be comfortable, functional and convenient.

How do you know? Choose fabrics that are light and bright!

Here are five materials that are perfect for Summer!


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The standard cotton

For summer, cotton is the most common and also the best option. What is great about cotton is the comfort it gives even when it’s hot, and you are all sweaty. Cotton is great in absorbing body sweat making your skin breathe.


Linen is a very light fabric. It is breathable and comfortable for a hot season. It lets the air to freely go in and out of the fabric to your body – giving you that fresh and cool feeling.

The sheer

The sheer fabric is a perfect fabric for a swimwear and summer wear.

It is also very light and has a see-through look. It may show a bit of skin. However, it can be worn to almost everywhere even on formal events or in the office. Just make sure that you do great in styling and layering to fit your fabric style to the event or place.

The silk blends

Silk fabrics are not just for winters, for summer too! Silk blends are the fabric which is known as the lighter version of the pure silk. It’s lighter and more breathable – perfect for the summer! When off to a dinner party, silk blends are also great as it naturally has this elegant style.


The rayon

Rayon is a human-made type of fabric made of cellulose from trees which imitate the texture and the feel of linen, silk, cotton, and wool. Rayon is so thin compared to cotton thread. Thus, it’s very lightweight perfect for summer outfit like maxi dresses.