5 Types of Body Scrubs: Which One's For You?

5 Types of Body Scrubs: Which One’s For You?

Body scrubs are super amazing treats you can gift yourself. It is essential to make your skin healthy and fresh. In fact, one of the essential skin care regimes is skin exfoliation.

Body scrubs: Which One’s For You?

There are various types of body scrubs in the market. Although different, they are all simply chemical agent that when used excessively can surely damage your skin. So, make sure to exfoliate only once a week or twice when necessary.

Tofu Pore Scrub
Sugar Body Scrubs
Sugar scrubs are probably the most popular type of scrub today. It mild and gentle to skin as well and can easily be made at home.

Salt Body Scrubs
Concocted using various grades of sea salt, salt scrubs may depend on the level of purifier your skin can tolerate. It helps to bring out toxins from your body and it has healing properties as well. It is a little more abrasive than sugar. You can add any essential oils on it too.

Herbal Body Scrubs
If you are into more of the organic and healing side of scrubs, herbal body scrub is for you. It doesn’t a specific formula though, the choices are limitless. You can add any herbal that you wich to your scrub. The orange peel and lavender flower are two fabulous examples of some very common scrub additives.

Coffee Body Scrubs
Coffee scrubs are also a wonderful treat as it has an invigorating aroma that helps you relax and not to mention it has a load of skin benefits too. You can add vanilla, chocolate, or other scents and oils too to create a more pleasurable experience every time you do the scrub.

Moisturizing Body Scrubs
A lot of people have dry and sensitive skin which is perfect for a moisturizing body scrub. Just like with herbal scrubs, your options here are endless too and really it’s all up to your preference. Yogurt and aloe vera are the ones very common in this type of scrubs.