5 Tips to Keep your Home Cool for the Summer

5 Tips to Keep your Home Cool for the Summer

Summer is truly a heat to beat and if you are a home buddy, it’s a stress to stay home. So here are our simple tips to help you keep your home cool this summer.

Make use of natural ventilation
The key is to open and close your house opening at the right time. When it’s really hot outside, shut your windows and curtains to keep the heat out. In the evening, open them to let the cool air in.

Make sure to make use of natural ventilation of your house at night, when it is relatively cool, and only run the air conditioner when you are home and on hot days. Of course with the house, all closed up.


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Use fans efficiently
If you have fans – ceiling or standing, be sure to use them in the right way. Fans produce a cooling effect for people through evaporation. The flow of air in your skin evaporates the moisture on your skin which pulls the heat away from your body, giving a cooling effect. So, remember to shut off your fans when no one is in the room.

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Focus on the kitchen

During summer it is important that you keep yourself hydrated. Consider eating watery fruits like watermelon and anything frozen that will help you cool down. If you love cooking, BBQ is the best way to prepare food since it doesn’t add to heat to the house and also using the microwave.

Greens, let them in!
Putting indoor plants is a smart way to help keep your house cool. Putting flowers or shrubs around your window sills can also help keep the direct heat of the sun away from entering your house.

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Consider exhaust fans
When doing activities that produce moisture like cooking, showering, running the dishwasher or washing, consider using exhaust fans or simply open your windows. Let the exhaust fan run for around 10 minutes after doing any of the activities mentioned above.

Since summer heat is really up on their game, why not use it to dry your clothes. Drying your clothes outside won’t add moisture to your home and will let you save energy.