5 Simple Take Care of Your Body More than Ever

5 Simple Take Care of Your Body More than Ever

“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.” ~Jim Rohn

Jim Rohn is so spot on, and I am sure you too agree. Our body is our home and sanctuary. Whatever we do, eat, see, and smell, touch and everything else affect our body. It is our greatest responsibility to take care of it. Love is the key! We should love ourselves and know our value.



In a world today where almost everything has adverse effects, we should then take care of our body more than ever! Now, we share with you some simple tips on how you can look after your body. Follow these simple tips, and you’re way to go!



1. Exercise

Yes, pretty sure you have heard and read this maybe a million times. However, if it would take a billion times for you to realize that exercise is vital then, we won’t stop.

Exercising does not strictly suggest that you have to go the gym, enrol in a program and or run miles and miles. Exercise can be done in your home; with the activities you are capable of doing. A walk in the park is a form of exercise; gardening is another form of exercise and even by just cleaning and walking around the house. Exercise means doing activities that will allow you to move your body and let those sweat out. There is no need for you to grapple your way to exercising; start from the simple activities then you can upgrade anytime you think you are ready. Juts keep moving!



2. Make sleep a priority.

It’s a busy world lived by a chock-full of busy people and being active means being susceptible to stress. If you are tired and still have a lot of things to get done, do not deprive yourself a little nap. Never deprive yourself of sleep because it can only give you worst adverse effects. Sleeping is still the best way for you to fight stress.



3. Eat well

Eating healthy nowadays is probably one of the hardest things to do. Why? Because there are countless of food in the market which we don’t have a clue of how they are made and what could it bring to our body. So, we are heartened to be more heedful of what we feed ourselves, and for a valid reason pending the state of the food that we eat.  Eating well suggests that we feed our body what it needs, in the most organic and natural way you can maintain and of course afford.



4. Don’t ignore the pain

Most of the time, we tend just to ignore the little pain we feel in our body until they are unbearable. Pain, little they maybe can mean something wrong is inside you and your system. The little pains matter and you don’t want it to extend to greater complications; do you? If you will, something is wrong, and you feel pain, listen to it and answer; do something and do not ignore. Prevention is better than cure after all.


5. Take things one step at a time

We are busy, and some of us are even more than what’s described as “busy, ” and that’s normal because that is what we do to strive in this world. However, we should not forget that our body is not like a machine that could go for hours and hours without rest. Well, even machines collapse too and need charging and maintenance; so should our body.

It is important that we do not push our body to its limit and ended up being torn and merely dead. Again, our body is our home and sanctuary; we should take care of it. Learn to take things one step at a time and not to abuse your body because we will only pay the price soon after.



A peaceful mind is oblivion without a healthy body. So why not take as much time to eat, rest, sleep, have fun with the family and with yourself. It’s time for you to show your body the same love and compassion that you strive to confer others. Our body needs it quite as much.