5 New Trends of Plus Size Dressing

5 New Trends of Plus Size Dressing

Nothing is constant in this world. In fact, even rules change! If you’ve already set your mind to certain rules in plus size dressing, well that will change right now!

Here are the 5 new trends in plus size dressing, you should start doing.


It’s the fit – Not the color
Probably you’ve heard that black makes you look slimmer. I’m sure you do. But really the key to a flattering piece is the fit and not the color. Regardless of the color as long as the fit is perfect – you’re all right!


Striped Blouse

Button-Down Shirts Are The Thing
Button-Down Shirts are actually flattering to plus size women. Unlike what others used to say! Especially those with a certain stretch and design details that form shape.


Don’t Go All Out Monochrome
While monochrome styling helps to create slimming illusion, it will also make you look flop. If pieces are not chosen and worn properly. Instead of wearing completely one color from head to toe, try to add an extra color that stands out and or play with texture and patterns.


Love The Stripes
You’ve probably hated stripes because it makes you look even way bigger. But there’s no reason to hate it. Stripes can actually flatter plus size women. Especially now that designers are working their way in producing asymmetrical stripes that actually makes one appear slender and sexier.


Ditch The Baggy
Yes, baggy clothes help you hide whatever it is you wanna hide. However, it doesn’t make you any flattering at all. Instead makes you look even bigger. So, try to put clothes that fit you comfortably and be confident with your own shape. Believe me, when you are confident, it makes you even more flattering.