5 Must-Have Makeup Brush Tools

5 Must-Have Makeup Brush Tools

When applying make-up, you are not far from being carpenters or mechanics, you need the appropriate tools for the project at hand, and putting on makeup is no difference.

For beginners, excellent brushes are a requirement. However, if you’re faced with a whole shelf of brushes at the store, deciding which sizes and shapes you require can be difficult.

According to many make-up professionals, keeping your makeup brushes clean all the time is very important as it picks up dead skin and oils and can withhold bacteria that cause acne breakouts and skin irritation. Additionally, if your makeup brushes are thickened with makeup, they will not work as fine as they do when they are clean.

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Here are the 5 Must-Have Makeup Brush Tools every woman should own:

Big Powder Brush

A big fluffy powder brush with a round shape is helpful for powdering using a loose powder, either it’s the setting powder or blush.

The fibers of this type of brush are not too tight enabling them to hold the powder and release it quickly as you apply the powder on your face. This also blends so well, so it is great as a blusher.


Eye Makeup Brushes Kit

Foundation Brush

A woman should have one of these. Choose the one that has tapered edges, and that’s flatter than fluffy. This is used for applying foundation and allows you to create a proper contour all over your face; around your face, nose, mouth and the eyes. This is better used than just applying foundation using only your fingers as you can control the amount of foundation when applying. Choose the foundation brush with synthetic fibers since this can carry heavy products like the cream foundation and liquid foundation but do not absorb the makeup.

Shadow Brush

A broad and dome-shaped shadow brush put on makeup with a seamless application. It doesn’t matter how you put on your shadow; it is the blending step that is crucial to creating smooth harsh edges and producing a fine and seamless result for a smoky eye or an everyday look.

Pencil Brush

For a more detailed application, you should have a small brush with a fine edge which is also called a concealer brush. A pencil brush coats color precisely where it should be. It is perfect for covering up any blemishes as it holds the concealer intact until you apply it. It is also helpful in applying cake, gel or eyeliner.


Mesa Brush
Angled Eye-Shadow Brush

Eyeshadows creates the whole drama and effect of your makeup that is why when putting on makeup; women spend most of the time on the eyeshadow application, and this brush is just what you need.

The short and angled fibers can apply the pigment in the crease of the eyelid to add base. It is perfect in the outer corner making it great for contouring.

There you are our five must-have brushes you should own. Surely, you already have at least one of these, so it’s time to add the others.