5 Helpful Reminders Before Bleaching Your Face

5 Helpful Reminders Before Bleaching Your Face

While others have naturally fair and white skin, many are not. That is why there are countless whitening products in the market because that is what most, if not all women are after. In the same way, through the years, people have also come up with different ways to do things on their own from the comfort of their home. Bleaching is just one of those many ways. But just before you do it at home, be reminded that bleach should be handled with a comprehensive care as it can cause severe skin irritations. So, read along with these precautions first.

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1. Make sure that you use a large quantity of water in your solution. One gallon of water should only be mixed with a 1/4 teaspoon of bleach powder and warm water of three quarts and 12 ounces.

2. Once ready, make sure to label your container with an X, dangerous, or a skull and then put it away from the reach of children.

3. Perform a patch test to either below your jawline or in your wrist before you apply the solution to your whole face. If in 24 hours redness and irritation occur do not use, however, if there is none you may now use your solution.

4. When you apply, make sure just to dab it gently while avoiding the eyes and the mouth. Do not stroke it back and forth and then leave it for ten minutes.

5. After ten minutes, wash your face using a mild facial wash with running water, pat gently then moisturize. It is critical that you moisturize after the bleaching to avoid drying and sagging the skin.

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When everything seems to work well with you, it is always a safe move to consult a dermatologist. Additionally, there are also safer and more refined bleaching products out there that you can use.