5 Facts Men Like about Women

5 Facts Men Like about Women

“Behind a man’s success is a woman.” That is the common phrase we all know. But people are asking why sometimes a man and a woman cannot be like a spoon and fork which would always be what is needed in the table, and it should always be a pair. Men are secretive as women are vocal, vocal that people would know everything about what women want. Most of the men are quiet, and ladies just need to be sensitive enough. Even in much stuff like fashion, men and women always have different likes and dislikes and never have always loved and liked each other’s taste. However, men and women may have many conflicted views and wants still, here are some facts that men like about women.

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1.       Good Listener – Men appreciates women who can be with them and just listen. Without any murmur or lecture or any pieces of advice that you will do if you are on their shoe. Men like to share with those people who would interact but would not give critics.

2.       Treat them like your prince. – Life is not a fairy tale, but you can make your own. Ladies want to be a princess, so well, expects that your guy wants to be treated like a prince too. Letting them feel that they are your shoes that you always want to go with them will make them feel special. Like a bill in your wallet that seems to be critical.

3.       Respect – How you treat yourself will say a lot about who you are and will give others an idea on how to criticize you. Wearing clothes that would expose too much skin is not an issue in today’s society. We have this thing what we called “social media” and how you use it will reflect you. Men don’t want someone who would go anywhere with anyone. Men would start to respect you if you would start it within yourself.

4.       Plan – Everyone wants to have someone who could be a planner and a doer in a relationship. This two should always work together. Men get easily involve with those women you has plans and ambitions. They tend to think that they got the smart lady in town whom they can be proud of.

5.       Humility – Life is a battle and not a contest. We always want to have a partner who can be with a war with us to achieve goals. In the struggles we face, we always want to have a woman who is humble and confident enough to keep pushing you on having your dreams.

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Life is hard, but you can find ways to make it easier for you. Finding people who would understand and hold your hand in front of a bomb would make you feel in life that your day might end so easy. It is better to know what you want and what she wants. Beyond that, being contented would help keep each other forevern