5 Beauty Tips on the Beach

5 Beauty Tips on the Beach

When it comes to the beach, your makeup should be related to that of your attire: the lesser; the better. Who would want to go to the beach with a full face makeup on? You would not only look funny to other beach hitters, but it is also inappropriate especially if you plan on actually diving into the water. The point is to make sure that your makeup looks as natural as possible. Here are our five simple beauty tips when hitting the beach:


bb cream

Protect your skin

Before you apply makeup, think about your sun protection first. While using sunscreen is a year-round commitment; it’s even more essential when you want to spend a good time outdoors. Apply a lavish amount of sunscreen 20 minutes (at least) before going outside to soak it in the skin. If you want, you can use either BB or CC Cream. These all-in-one products do not only protect your skin, but they also prime, hydrate, and provide excellent coverage. However, they are not waterproof, so make sure to reapply often.



Powder on

If you are fine without your concealer, foundation, or any coverage when heading to the beach, well, good for you. As for others who don’t, tinted moisturizers are excellent for you, as they furnish your skin with a dewy, healthy glow. But, if you can’t live without your foundation, then try blending it in with your moisturizer for a lighter finish.


Fun Tan

Because you wish to intensify your natural tan, any bronzer you pick should look just right under the bright sun. You should not use any bronzer with shimmer in it. Lightly dust bronzer right above your cheekbones, apple of your cheeks, chin, forehead, and eyelids is perfect for a more natural tan glow.




Relax your Lashes

Wear clear mascara rather the usual black or brown. Though your mascara is waterproof, it could still smudge especially if you’re out in the heat. With clear mascara, you will have your lashes glossy and well-groomed without having to fret about anything. Same for eyeliner, if you wish to line your eyes, just use a nude pencil, which is also a different way to have that wide-eyed look on the beach.


Stain to sustain

When on the beach, do not uses any sticky lip gloss instead; use a tinted lip balm or a lip stain as lip gloss will only slide off in the heat. A lip stain will provide your lips just the fair amount of color. While using a lip stain will give you a long-lasting polished feel that will surely sustain the whole day.