4 Reasons You Might Love Rash Guards Over Bikini

4 Reasons You Might Love Rash Guards Over Bikini

Summer is here, and I know you are planning a beach getaway. In fact, you are already debating whether to wear a rash guard or a regular two piece bikini. Well, if you have a beach ready body and you are confident enough to flaunt it with your two piece bikini, why not? But if you are not that confident though you can opt to wear the rash guard. Yes, this is actually what most people think the reason why others choose to wear rash guard but wearing rash guard is more than just a cover up; it does have advantages over wearing bikinis. After reading this, you might end up choosing rash guard over a bikini.


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Here are the reasons you might love rash guards over bikini:


UVA and UVB Protection

With the sun’s scorching heat this summer, we are all prone to sunburn and skin irritation. That is why rash guard is preferable especially for children. Most of the rash guards in the market have a maximum UPF 50+ protection that will surely protect you against harmful UVA and UVB.


Skin Protection

Too much exposure to the sun especially at the beach can surely damage your skin. Sand dry and sea salt can even result in skin irritation. But you can keep your skin safe and free of irritation by using rash guard.


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Weather Protection

Weather can change in just a snap, and you want to keep yourself warm especially after a swim and rash guard can do just that; it will keep you warm once you get off the water. Plus, it is very lightweight that you won’t even feel like you wearing one.



Rash guard is a perfect to your body and lightweight that is why it offers comfort like no other. Surely, you can move with ease when under the water or when out.


Indeed, rash guard should be a necessity especially these times that the sun’s heat is getting stronger and dangerous. It’s time to have one, you think?