3 Types of Towel We All Should Have

3 Types of Towel We All Should Have

Imagine an after-bath without towels, or a beach time then forgetting the towels at home and or after washing the dishes without towels to dry your hands off? Is it too much of an inconvenience and hassle? There are various types of towels out there, but we have listed the top 3 towels we all should have in our life.


Bath Towels

Bath towel is essential. What could be more comfortable than having a bath towel wrapping you up after a cold bath?

Don’t save much on your bath towels. Your bath towel is also an investment; an investment in comfort and relaxation. So, go on and give extra attention to finding the perfect bath towel.

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Beach Towels

The beach towel is our summer essential. We all need beach towel with good quality that would stand with us for years and years of summer times. Especially now that summer is almost coming up; we should have all our summer essentials already prepared or packed up. Don’t forget the beach towel of course!


Hand Towels

Hand towels are essential too. Our hands deserve towels that will soothe and take care of them. Our hands have been through a lot; don’t they deserve to have the best towel? Choosing the best quality could be a little hard but surely by just touching them, you would get an idea of which ones are better or the best.


There you go our top 3 towels that we all should have. If you already have these three, which most of you surely have since these towels are essentials, GOOD FOR YOU! But the question still lies – Are they of good quality and do they serve you well? We’ll leave that up for you to answer. All we can say is that YOU DESERVE THE BEST!