2 in 1 Items from TFSS that You Should Have

2 in 1 Items from TFSS that You Should Have

If a woman were to do an audit on to which stuff she spends more, I guess we already know the answer, and that is beauty products. Every woman spends so much more on beauty products; having different products for all areas of the face down to the toes. That is why 2 in 1 products are so in today. Who wouldn’t want to have two products on one item and in one-time price?


2 in 1

Today we have listed 3 of the must have 2 in 1 item from the Fun Stuff Shop that we think you should have.


1. 2 in 1 Snail Honey Ginseng with Gold Sleeping Serum Mask 70g Cathy Doll

For just 1, 125 pesos, you already get to experience the wonders of snail serum, and gold infused mask. Yes, snail serum and gold in one item.

This sleeping mask combines four natural powers into one, providing your skin an excellent treatment overnight while treating four skin problems; skin tightening, anti-aging, blemish removing, and skin tone balancing.


2. 2 in 1 Eye & Cheek Cream 4g Baby Bright Camellia Color

It’s an eye and cheek cream for just 495 pesos!  A blush cream that makes the skin look more natural and radiant. Now, you can have a radiant glow in your eye and cheek to shake that stressful look away.


3. Cathy Doll 2 in 1 Vit C Tint 3.4g & Gluta Gloss 2.8g -Milky Pink & Red

The Cathy Doll – 2-in-1 Vit C Tint and Gluta Gloss has two-end design features with rich and vibrant colors, and both are specially made to make your lips natural and healthy looking. Also, the compact size will allow you to carry it inside your clutch during parties and outings.