10 Easy Tips on Styling Wavy Hair

10 Easy Tips on Styling Wavy Hair

Not straight but surely not so curly, it can be claimed that wavy hair keeps the “best of both worlds” when we talk about hair textures. It looks gorgeously unkempt and beachy as is, but because it falls around in the center of the range of hair finishes, it can be effortlessly flipped and changed based on what your mood that day. Those that own wavy hair may slip into a dilemma where they are unsure on how to style their wavy hair without totally revamping its natural finish, hence making into something it’s not.

To provide you a great idea on how to style up your waves without entirely depending on any tools or even a hair tie when you just need to resort to a topknot, we gathered some helpful list of easy tips and styles here.

1. When you have waves naturally, you don’t need to sleep with braids to have a baseline look. Though, you can make smaller and more identical waves by braiding all your hairs in smaller braids, sleeping with them, and unhitching them in the morning when you wake up.

2. Use a sulphate-free or mild shampoo that will not make your hair dry which will drag your waves down with many build-ups. Most shampoos for curly hair are formulated like this, and even the wavy-haired women can avail of it.

3. Twist back the pair front slices of your hair and fasten them in the back using a pin for a simple,  quick and romantic style. Because your hair is then set with waves, you don’t have to style with anything else.

4. Wavy but frizzy hair? When your waves are wet, run a little bit of dry oil over your strands to stop this from transpiring in the first place. If you’re striving to combat frizz that’s already there, polish dry oil within your hands and blandly stroke your hair to set the fly-aways.

5. Embrace your true waves by blow-drying it using a diffuser, enabling the air to flow and dry your natural waves without dragging them down or building a straight style like a regular blow-dry head may do.

6. Next, after air-drying or drying using a diffuser, form a deep side section and fix all your hair into one side. Get the section all the way down to the bottom closer to the neck and then, pin it in the spot.

7. When you want to give your sleek and wavy hair with that extra beachy vibe, the solution is a sea salt splash bottle. This will further part your waves, providing them that piece-y, loosened look as opposed to silky waves. There are many choices out there now that are infused with oils for hair conditioning so that you will not be left with dry waves.

8. Your waves may be subtle and beauty, yet due to the oils that are produced by your scalp, seldom the hair on the crest of the head falls dull and flat throughout the day. Using a dry shampoo is a fast fix, but you can also simply flip your hair to the other side for a classic 90s lift.

9. Alternatively, if you’re hoping to relax volume for the hair throughout the crown of your head, you can blandly flat iron the top sections of your at a low heat.

10. Usually, hair hangs straight and flat if it’s drenched with water, although the “wet hair” trend breaks that. Applying oils or gel, sleek the top section or form little waves beside your face. Use a little amount of gel and oil to the rest of your hair, yet adequately, so there isn’t such a huge and odd difference in the textures.